What day is the race?
Traditionally the race falls on the last Saturday in July.
2020 - Saturday, July 25
2021 - Saturday, July 31
2022 - Saturday, July 30

Where is the race located? 
Sailboat Cove on Smithville Lake, near the town of Paradise, Missouri 

What are the distances for the Triathlon? 
500-meter swim, 10-mile bike, 3.1-mile run  

  • Triathlon Course (maps): The swim will be in the water to the south of Sailboat Cove on Smithville Lake. The transition area will be on a paved parking lot near the beach. The bike course is mostly flat with some rolling hills on county highways. The run is on the paved trails to the southeast of the transition area. 

  • Aid Stations:  There will be three aid stations along the course: one just outside of the transition area and two along the run course. Water and an electrolyte drink mix (Gatorade) will be provided at each aid station. 

What are the distances for the Duathlon? 
1.5-mile run, 10-mile bike, 3.1-mile run 

  • Duathlon Course (maps): The first run will be on a paved trail near Sailboat Cove. The transition area will be on a paved parking lot near the beach. The bike course is mostly flat with some rolling hills on county highways. The second run is on the paved trails to the southeast of the transition area. 

  • Aid Stations:  There will be three aid stations along the course: one just outside of the transition area and two along the second run course. Water and an electrolyte drink mix (Gatorade) will be provided at each aid station. 

What amenities do I get for finishing? 
Official participant tech Shirt OR tank top
A full color medal with a custom sublimated v-sewn neck ribbon
Timing results printed on site 
Free food and beverages at the Finish Line Festival 
Free massages at the finish line
A Participant Goodie Bag  
Triathlon First Timer Charm (each participant who is completing their first triathlon/duathlon will receive a special charm that can be attached to their medal) 

How many participants do you expect? 
We anticipate 600 individual triathletes, 15 triathlon relay teams, and 100 duathletes. 

What were the top times for winners last year? 

Is there a time limit on the event? 
There is no time limit. No matter your finish time, we promise to be there cheering for you! 

Are walkers allowed? 
Yes! We welcome athletes of all types and abilities. If you require special accommodations, please email [[insert info email]] ahead of time to help ensure that you have an enjoyable race. 

Will event merchandise be available? 
Yes, on-demand printing will be available by Ultramax. 

Will photos be available? 
Yes! Thomas Photographic Enterprises will be shooting the event. You can visit their site after the race and purchase prints of your favorite moments. 


Is the WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon and Duathlon presented by Garmin a sanctioned race?  
Yes, it is sanctioned by USA Triathlon. As such, all rules, waivers, and conditions required by USAT apply.  Click here  for the most commonly violated rules and more information on official USA Triathlon Rules. 

Are you required to be a member of USAT?  
You are required to be a member of USAT on race day. You can get more information on the benefits of membership and sanctioning or purchase an annual membership at  USAT Website. If you do not have or want an annual membership, a single-day membership can be purchased for $15 when you register. 

Additional USAT Information: 
Annual USAT members will be REQUIRED to provide a USAT membership card AND photo ID to pick up her packet. No exceptions. Once registered, you may not transfer your entry to someone else. These are USAT sanctioning rules. If you purchased a single-day USAT license during registration, you will not get, nor will you need to provide a USAT membership card. However, you still need to present a valid photo I.D.  For the purpose of awards and USAT standings, you will be placed in a specific age group, determined by your age on December 31 of the current year.  


When does registration close?
Online registration will close at 7pm on the Friday before the race. Late registration is available at Packet Pickup.  There is NO race day registration. 

Can I change from the triathlon to the duathlon (or duathlon to triathlon)? 
Yes, you may change your race at any time while registration is open.  After online registration is closed, any changes will need to be made at Packet Pickup.   NO CHANGES WILL BE ALLOWED ON RACE DAY. 

Do you allow transfers from one person to another? 
No. Per USAT sanctioning guidelines, we do NOT allow transfers from one person to another. 

Can I defer my registration to another year? 
No.  We do NOT allow deferring of registrations from one year to another.  

Do you allow refunds? 
We do not refund race entries or other fees associated with race registration.  Nor can we give refunds if the race is cancelled on race day due to costs associated with insurance, equipment rental, park fees, staff, food, and the race shirts. If we cancel the event on race day due to the threat of severe weather or other emergency, you can still pick up your race bag and shirt. However, you won’t get a refund and we won’t be sending shirts in the mail after the race. 

Is the event open to team competition? 
Yes. The race is open to two or three-woman teams competing in a relay style triathlon. 

How old does a young woman have to be to participate? 
The race is open to women who are 12-years-old and older as of December 31 of the current year.   


Are there awards? 
Yes – please visit the Results & Awards page for more info 

Will there be a post-race awards ceremony? 
Yes, there will be a post-race awards ceremony at approximately 10 a.m., depending on finisher times.  

What age groups will receive awards? 
12-14, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+ and the Athena division 
NOTE - We will be following the USAT age-up rule: your age group placement will be based on your age as of December 31 of the current year.  Athena participants are not eligible for age group awards.  Please visit the Results & Awards page for more info.  


Where can I find a WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon and Duathlon presented by Garmin course maps? 
All Maps and pertinent information can be found on our Course Mapspage. 

Is the course certified? 
Yes, the triathlon and duathlon are USA Triathlon certified and sanctioned. 

How long is the course open? 
The course remains open until the final participant finishes. 

Can I rest on the kayak or other boat during the swim? 
Yes, you may rest on the kayak or other appropriate boat, but the kayak or boat cannot help you advance in the water. 

Is the bike course hilly? 
For information regarding course elevation, please click here

Will there be aid stations? 
Yes, there will be aid stations providing water. 

Where will the aid stations be located? 
Aid stations will be located at the turnaround for the first duathlon run, near the transition area, at Mile 1 of the second duathlon run/triathlon run, and at the turnaround of the second duathlon run/triathlon run. See course map. NOTE - The bike route does not include an aid station. You must carry your own water on the bike. 

Can I run with headphones? 
Radios, headphones, MP3 players, iPods, and CD players are NOT permitted on the course. This is for your safety. A violation may result in a variable time penalty. We will have lots of fans cheering, music on the run course and music at the finish line. 

What if it rains or there is road construction? 
We reserve the right to alter the course distances, delay the start time, or cancel the race entirely in the event of dangerous weather or other unexpected complications. However, we will not cancel the event just because of rain. Refunds will not be given in case of race-day cancellation.  


When and where is packet pickup? 
Please visit our Packet Pickup information page 

What do I need to bring to packet pickup? 
Bring a photo ID and money for raffle tickets, WIN for KC merchandise, or last minute race day items from Epic. NOTE: Per USAT regulations, all participants are required to show a photo ID at packet pickup before receiving race materials. This means that no one besides the participant can pick up their packet. 

Do you mail out participant packets? 
No, we do not mail out participant packets. 

Can someone else pick up my packet? 
No. No one can pick it up for you and you cannot pick up someone else’s packet.


What time should I arrive? 
Every participant is different. You will want to be prepared to find parking, get body marked, set up your transition area and get to the starting line area. We recommend for athletes to plan to arrive between 5:30 a.m. and 6:15 a.m. The transition area will close at 7 a.m. and will NOT REOPEN until the FINAL cyclist has completed the bike course (approx. 10:30 a.m.).  

Do I need to check in the morning of the race? 
Yes, everyone must check in at the body marking area on Paradise Road the morning of the race. Volunteers will draw your race number on your arms with a large permanent marker.  Make sure to listen to the public address announcer when you get to the race site for important updates and announcements.  

What does the Race Day Schedule look like?  
5:15 a.m. 
Gates open to participants and spectators 
Body Marking and Chip pickup opens 
Transition Area opens 

6:30 – 7:30 a.m. 
Swim warm-up area open 

7 a.m. 
Pre-race meeting for all participants 
Transition Area closes 

7:30 a.m. 
Race Starts 
Paradise Road closes to all vehicles 

10:30 a.m. 
Door prize winners posted at Gazebo 
Awards Ceremony (approximately) 
Paradise Road and Transition Area open (approximately)  

How does the Team Transition work?  
The same timing device used by the individual racers will serve as your team “baton.”  At the bottom of the transition area (closest to the water) there will be a team box where hand offs will take place.  You can have your entire bike gear on in the team box, but once you have the timing device you will need to grab your bike off the bike rack.  The team bike racks will be really close to the team box.  When you return from the bike, you will rack your bike and then hand off the timing device to your runner.  She can take off straight from there.  

Why can’t my family help me set up in the Transition Area? 
For safety and security reasons, no one except registered participants, official volunteers, and approved media will be allowed in the transition area. No family or friends are allowed inside the transition area at any time before, during, or after the race. Volunteers and security personnel will be posted to ensure the safety and security of everyone’s gear and equipment. You will be assigned a specific bike rack, but placement on each rack is on a first-come, first-served basis. A Transition Area Map is available on the Course Maps page. When you arrive at the race site on race day, please go to the body marking area before entering the Transition Area. 

How is the race timed? 
Each athlete will receive an official race time device.  All duathletes official time will begin when the horn sounds.  As you cross each timing mat, you will have a split. Results will include time splits for your swim, transition 1 (T1), bike, transition 2 (T2), and run. For the duathlon, your results will include time splits for your 1.5-mi. run, transition 1 (T1), bike, transition 2 (T2), and 3.1-mile run.  

What time does the race start? 

How do I line up race morning? 
Duathletes will all line up together on the run path. 

Can I run with my Garmin GPS? 
Yes, participants are permitted to use their Garmin GPS device and other relevant watches or tracking devices.  Garmin is a proud supporter of the WIN for KC Women’s Triathlon and Duathlon and we advocate and encourage their efforts to make fitness a lifestyle for everyone. 

Can I leave when I finish the race?  
For the safety and security of every participant, no one will be allowed to take their bike out of transition or their car out of participant parking until the bike course is clear of all participants. No one was allowed to drive on the course while you were competing and we ask that you extend the other participants the same courtesy. There will be pancakes for every participant in the finish line festival and activities for children.  Please plan to stay and cheer on your fellow participants!  


Where do participants park?  
Vehicles displaying the parking tag may park in the designated Athlete Parking area.  This Parking area is closest to the race site (off Paradise Road).   This parking lot will be closed from 7:30 to 10:30 a.m. or until the last cyclist is off the bike course.  No exceptions.  A spectator may drop off an athlete and then use the Spectator Parking. 

Where do volunteers and sponsors park?   
Vehicles displaying the appropriate permit may park in the designated Volunteer and Sponsor Parking near the transition area/race site.  

Where do spectators park?  
ehicles that do not have an Athlete Parking tag will need to park in the Spectator Parking.  This parking is located south of the convenience store on Collins Road/Camp Branch Road at the Kelsey Youth Camp. There will be shuttle service available for spectators use only from Kelsey Youth Camp to the Paradise General Store (8419 Collins Rd, Paradise, MO 64089).  Spectators will be asked to walk from the Paradise General Store to the race site (which is about a half mile walk).  If you will be traveling with someone that may have difficulty making the walk, please bring along their handicap parking pass. This will allow you to park in the volunteer and sponsor parking lot.  

Can I carpool with my family or other participants?  
CARPOOL PLEASE! This makes for a less stressful race morning with fewer cars and best of all reduces our carbon footprint on the environment!  


Where should my family and spectators plan to park?  
Spectator parking is located south of the convenience store on Collins Road/Camp Branch Road at the Kelsey Youth Camp.  

PLEASE NOTE: Access from County Road W will be closed at 7:30 a.m. and you will need to use the alternate route to reach Kelsey Short Youth Camp.  From Hwy 169, turn east on Hwy 92 and then north on County Rd E. From County Rd E turn north on Collins Rd and follow until you reach Kelsey Short Youth Camp.  

Will there be transportation available?  
Yes, there will be a shuttle service available for spectator use from Kelsey Youth Camp to the convenience store. Spectators will then WALK from the convenience store to the race site (approximately a half mile) along the designated pedestrian walk way.  

Where is the best place for family and friends to cheer? 
We recommend they cheer at Race Central near transition area. Swim spectating is available along the shoreline. Transition and bike spectating is available on the East side of the transition area and along the South side of Paradise Road. Run and finish line spectating is available along the entire finish chute. CAUTION: Be careful not to cross the race course at any of the in/out areas. 

What should spectators bring with them? 
We encourage spectators to pack well. Bring encouraging signs, water, money, sunscreen, camera, rain gear, chairs, blanket, etc. to watch you. 

Are dogs allowed? 
No, due to our sustainability efforts, we ask that NO DOGS be brought on race day. 

Can spectators bring a stroller or chairs? 
Yes, we encourage spectators to bring whatever they need to cheer you on! 

Will there be food available for spectators? 
Yes, food will be available for purchase. 


If I am doing the triathlon, does it matter which swim cap I wear? 
Yes, it does. You are required to wear the swim cap provided to you in your race packet, you may not wear your own or trade with another participant. 

Does it matter what type of bike helmet I wear?  
Yes, it does. CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) certified helmets are required to be worn and buckled for the bike portion of the event and at any other time you are on your bike in the park.  We suggest you visit the experts at Epic Bike and Sport to help you get properly fitted in a bike helmet.  Don’t forget to mention you are a WIN for KC triathlete/duathlete and you will receive 15% off your purchase.  

What are some of the most important bike course safety precautions? 
Helmets are required to be worn and buckled on the bike course at all times. No exceptions.  Drafting on the bike is not permitted.  Always stay to the right, except when passing. Please pass on the left. When passing, announce your passing to the rider in front of you (i.e. “I’m on your left!”).  Avoid sudden turns and stops. Slow down and put your foot down if needed at the turnaround.  You must walk your bike in the transition area until you meet the mount line at the bike-out area.  You must dismount your bike before the dismount line / before entering transition at the end of the bike course. 

Can I wear a wetsuit while swimming? 
Wetsuits may or may not be allowed. We will follow USAT rules on wetsuit usage. As per USAT rules, if the water temperature is 78 degrees Fahrenheit or below then wetsuits ARE allowed.  At 78.1 to 83.9 degrees Fahrenheit participants may wear a wetsuit at their own discretion; however, wearing a wetsuit in the temperature range will mean that the athletes are ineligible for awards.  At 84 degrees Fahrenheit and above wet suits are NOT permitted – this is for your own safety.  Daily water temps for Smithville Lake.  


Will there be a medical tent? 
Yes, a medical tent will be near the gazebo at Race Headquarters to assist all participants if needed at the finish line. 

What if I get hurt during the race? Will there be someone around to assist me? 
Yes, please get the attention of the nearest volunteer or staff member; They will call the medical director to assist you.  


Are there discounts available if I’m traveling to Kansas City for the race? 
If you are interested in camping near the site, Clay County campground fees range from $20 – $35. For more information, visit: